Monday, August 21, 2006

godzilla pooped on my honda....

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich
by Adam Rex
(HC released c. 08/06) just one of 19 totally sweet poems in this (technically) children's book.

If you have neices or nephews or a father who is regressing as he ages, you need this book. You really just need to read it yourself once, but if you feel like you need a cover story, a newphew does really nicely.

The poems themselves are really funny alone. As you start to read, you will notice that some of them go really well to common tunes, so you can sing along. (An easy example is the poem in which the Phantom of the Opera cannot get "It's a Small World" out of his head, and of course the poem follows the tune. There's also one about a young mummy who won't go to bed that you can sing pretty well to that generic snake charming song, which just works.) The titles only were enough to make me giggle a bit, but maybe I'm just easy that way, but when the "Yeti Does Not Appreciate Being Called Bigfoot", I just have to smile. Dracula ends up with spinach in his teeth, Bigfoot is also mistaken for the Yeti, of course, Zombies mambo incoherently (as if there was any other way), the poor Phantom is actually earwormed about 3 different times, the Wolfman is scolded by his own housepet about his bathing and housekeeping habits. Bliss. and, like a said, the giant reptile poop issue, which is at the end of book, probably because there's just nowhere to go after that.

As if the wit displayed in the poems was not enough, you can move on to the author's illustrations. Not only are they very colorful and almost over the top, not to mention being in a variety of different styles, but they include extra rhymes or gags almost everywhere you look...signs in the background, newspapers characters are reading, characatures of other monsters in the scenes, and so forth.

This kid's book is well worth looking at when you just need a good laugh, but it would be a really great one to read aloud to kids. Being poems, they will easily lend themselves to being spoken aloud, plus everyone can hunt together for extra fun hidden in the pictures, in the front title pages, everywhere.

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hee, I do love the look of this! I adore kids books, espcially poetry, although I seldom get to read them.

8/22/2006 5:35 PM  

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