Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cooking with Lots of Butter

Title: Julie & Julia
Author: Julia Powell

After an incredibly long hiatus from blogging about a book I read (during which time, I read tons of books...), this is the first book I really felt inclined to write about.

This is, I believe, my first foray into the genre of cooking literature (if that's what they are calling it). Humorously, I've always rather disliked cooking but love cooking shows, so a book about cooking sounded like it might be good.

And it was. Julie & Julia is the mostly true story of Julie Powell, who randomly decided, in a pushing 30 crisis, that she would cook every recipe from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking within one year. And she would blog about it.

Full of honesty, frustration, gore (preparing a live lobster for cooking can get a bit gross), and snarky comments, Julie & Julia is an entertaining read. I have to respect someone who is able to cook 524 butter laden recipes in 365 days. I think I would've given up around day 3. It's also an interesting quarterlife (or thereabouts) crisis. And as someone who is nearing that rather intimidating fourth decade, I can relate to the desire to do something fulfilling that will somehow give life added meaning.

But for now I'm really looking forward to making a butternut squash soup this afternoon.

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