Sunday, August 06, 2006

Interesting title choice - waste indeed...

Title: Classified Waste
Author: Alexander M. Grace

The theory was that this would be a semi-respectable conspiracy/government book.

Apparently I missed the witch on the cover.

A burned-out CIA agent returns from duty overseas and gets reassigned to a department that nobody’s heard of, because they can’t get rid of him but don’t want him doing anything important. The department, however, is the Office of Occult Operations (OOO), which is staffed by three witches, each of which has a particular strength (mind reading, etc.), is located in the basement, and has a bewitched entry door (no handle, it opens on its own when you walk at it, no camera or sensors, and no explanation).

Then, of course, we throw in ties to a terrorist attack, and a potential double agent. The OOO is front and center, determining if the double agent is telling the truth, and later working on an investigation into a failed operation where a bunch of agents died. The burned-out agent spends the book in a rather befuddled state while the witches run circles around him.

Plus, there’s even a requisite love interest and subsequent happy ending!
That’s the last time I trust the “new arrivals” shelf at the library to provide worthwhile reading materials…


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