Friday, November 10, 2006

Just plain crazy.

Title: Crazy Cool
Author: Tara Janzen

The only daughter of a powerful senator (party-affiliation not provided, but I wouldn't exactly describe her as liberal...), Kat just opened an art gallery in Denver. Several years ago, there was an "incident" on prom night - her asshole prep school friends thought it'd be fun to attack and rape her. She escaped, thanks to Christian, a bad boy a few years older than her who'd been out stealing cars but got distracted by the sight of a prom queen (complete with tiara) fleeing from an alley.

Kat and Christian fell for each other (duh.). But mom didn't exactly approve of him. One of the assholes was killed, and Christian was accused and a murder charge was railroaded through; suddenly he's in prison for a few years (until a random homeless guy provides an alibi, Christian's acquitted, and then the random homeless guy dies). Meanwhile, Kat was sent to France by mom, to get her away from the various bad influences in Denver.

Okay, back to the present:

Christian's now a super-awesome DoD operative or something with mad killing skills and, as reyn would have it, "a bitchin car". He and his friend get hired to play bodyguard at an art auction which, as fate would have it, Kat's also attending. There's an explosion, and Christian saves Kat, thereby revealing his presence to her. Neither of them knows how he ended up on duty there, since the person who arranged it is hidden somewhere up the chain of command. Along with the explosion they find the body of another of the prep school assholes.

Christian and Kat go back to her place, and they find an envelope of rather revealing pictures of them from back in the day - apparently someone's not too happy that Christian's not in jail and Kat's back in town.

They start interviewing the other, living, prep school assholes. And fall into bed (or the back seat of his bitchin' car) as often as possible. The person behind this could be just about anyone - Mom, the father of the guy Christian was accused of killing (who used to be a senator too), one of the other assholes, etc.

Will they figure out who's behind all the crap? Will Kat and Christian live happily ever after? Well, yeah, of course both of those will happen, but I'm not telling you how. You'll have to read the book. :-)

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Blogger reyn said...

I don't really think it's worth it to me, but I am a fan of DoD operatives with mad killing skillz and bitchin' cars.

mmmm... assassins with hot wheels... it's like my dream job come to life!!

11/10/2006 2:44 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Isn't it awesome being a government employee and having random days off to write books reviews!!! *grins happily*

11/10/2006 7:57 PM  

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