Saturday, January 27, 2007

oooh! pretty!

Title: Whirlpool
Author: Elizabeth Lowell

Laurel, a jewelry designer, has a shady father who's some sort of CIA operative who always sends her neat jewels from around the world. This time he sends her a Faberge egg, which is supposed to either not exist or be part of a traveling exhibit of Imperial Russian art - he was supposed to intercept it and she'd be safe and out of the loop, but she got it first, though he took it back and left.

Cruz is a former FBI agent who now works for a private firm; he was made a scapegoat during some big to-do a few years back; he also lost part of a finger doing some other thing. He's hired to help get the egg back.

There's a crazy sex-addicted septuagenarian multi-millionaire involved, as well as the Russians. Nobody believes that Lauren doesn't have the egg anymore. Cruz helps save her and gets the egg back where it belongs, then leaves her because he thinks it's best for her. She tracks him down and then they head off into the desert to look at fault lines, because that's his hobby.

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Blogger reyn said...

"to look at fault lines, because that's his hobby."

suddenly, I don't feel boring. Don't they at least climb the faults??

1/29/2007 7:33 AM  

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