Monday, March 26, 2007

Dragons, princesses, and wizards

Title: Dealing with Dragons
Author: Patricia C. Wrede

Cimorene is a princess who doesn't want to be a princess because it's exceedingly boring. She's tired of learning etiquette, dancing, and embroidery, and would much rather learn more entertaining things like cooking, fencing, magic, Latin, economics, and juggling. However, her parents keep putting a stop to that. So, on the advice of a frog, she introduces herself to some dragons and volunteers to be one of their princesses.

Life soon becomes much more interesting. Princes keep calling to fight the dragon and rescue Cimorene, but she doesn't want anything to do with them. So she takes it upon herself to chase them away in addition to carrying out her other duties as Princess to the dragon Kazul, which include cooking, organizing treasure, and keeping an eye on the nasty wizards who come to call. She meets some of the other princesses but finds that most are extraordinarily stupid and helpless.

Add to the story a witch with about 9 cats, a traitorous dragon, a mostly stone prince, and the murder of the king of dragons, and you have the ingredients for one very tasty children's novel. It was a favorite of my brother's and mine when we were younger, and I decided to revisit it a few weeks ago when I was sick. I quickly finished it and the other three books that make up The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, and discovered that I love them as much now as I did years ago.

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh. Oh. This looks good. Can't recall if I've ever heard of it or not. No matter. *adds title to her reading list*

3/26/2007 7:58 PM  

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