Monday, December 31, 2007


Title: Pride and Prescience: or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged
Author: Carrie Bebris

This one's all spoilers.

Set in the period after Darcy and Elizabeth's marriage, this takes the existing characters on a few weird adventures. Darcy and Elizabeth are apparently now re-imagined as crime-solvers, and they get involved trying to figure out what's wrong with Miss Bingley, who is very disturbed following her marriage to an American landowner. I liked the concept initially, but then the plot got rather quirky. There's a professor of magical studies (not in so many words, but he studies things like tools of medicine men and stuff), and Elizabeth and Darcy quarrel over the existence of supernatural powers, and then it turns out that Miss Bingley's problems are the result of wearing a cursed ring (her wedding ring) that allows the possessor of the mate (in this case, her evil husband) to control her actions, and he's been trying to use her to kill off her siblings and then herself so he can have all the Bingley money - plot contrivances that include an overturned carriage, setting fire to Netherfield, a suicide attempt, and a dazed walk through a bad part of town at night. But Elizabeth saves the day in the end, gets the ring off Miss Bingley's finger, and survives a semi-violent confrontation involving Darcy versus the bad guy. Mr. and Mrs. Hurst (facing scandal from Hurst's gaming debts) take Miss Bingley (ok, fine, Mrs. Bad Guy) to the continent and are hopefully never heard from again.

I'm debating requesting the next in the series. I like Darcy and Elizabeth, but if this is any indication of what the other 2 books in the series are like, I have low expectations.

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