Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girl meets Psychotic A.I.

Title: Star Trek Voyage: Cybersong
Author: S.N. Lewitt
Bookmark: movie ticket stub from a bar

At the end of a climbing trip in May, I took a bunch of books from a box labeled "free" in a friend's garage. It was a long flight back. I grabbed this because I liked the TV series, and I'd read some Star Trek books in high school. Now I wonder if they were all this uninteresting, and I didn't notice because I was in high school, or if this one was just especially blah.

I don't even remember most of it now. (Like I said, May) They find some derelict ships floating in space, for some reason they can't escape, and eventually learn that there's a sociopathic AI on one of the ships that hates being lonely, but tends to kill off the crews it collects as playmates. Luckily, Voyager has a stereotypical nerd-girl in Stellar Cartography, so the two socially inept outcasts can talk to each other.


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