Thursday, November 18, 2010

varmints, lawmen, and the like

Title: Law and Order Unlimited
Author: William Colt MacDonald

I read this a few months ago, then lost track of it in my book pile. I no longer remember my general feeling about the book. Lawman comes to town to investigate a murder, but the body's already in the ground, and the crime scene is someone's living room, so it's irrevocably contaminated. All he has to go on is various interviews and His Gut. Help from the local Barney Fife, who is generally competent but inexperienced, and hopelessly in love with the victim's estranged daughter. Lawman--and half the town's men--fall for the victim's new bride (he was killed on their wedding night. Romantic.) . Lawman talks to everyone in town, misses something obvious (I hated that I figured out the clue about the photo AGES before he did, but I couldn't solve the whole thing because he didn't tell all he knew until the Big Reveal, after most of the players went down in a shoot-out), uses contacts in several other western territories, and saves teh day, riding off into the sunset on the company train. Oh, right--he's retired from being an official lawman, but he's a detective for the train company.

fun, but fluff.

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