Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Secret Agent Gal

Title: Blowing My Cover
Subtitle: My Life as a CIA Spy (and Other Misadventures)
Author: Lindsay Moran (I assume that's her real name, but who knows?)
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Aren't library book sales fun?

The title is a little misleading.  Most of the book is about how Moran became an operative: applying to the CIA, taking two polygraphs, her training at The Farm, and eventual posting in Bulgaria.  She has misgivings from the very start, but she still goes through with it, apparently, to prove that she can.  Despite some weird sentence structure and occasional spots where her proofreader fell asleep, it's a very entertaining book.  Moran has a good sense of humor and pace, and is pretty blunt about her misgivings with the job and her ability to do it (although from the way she rockets through the application and training process, she's either one of the best they've ever had, or the CIA's standards are MUCH lower than anybody realized), but I wondered several times while reading it whether a female reader would appreciate it as much.  Despite Moran's taxing training and later employment with The Company, her greatest focus in life is always finding a man, which makes the whole book feel far less empowering than it probably could have been.

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