Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my future profession...

Title: Hot Ice
Author: Cherry Adair

A phenomenally talented cat burglar accidentally steals launch codes for a missile that will be used by a wealthy religious fanatic to destroy a large, sinful city.

The cat burglar is tracked down by a non-governmental anti-terrorist organization (thereby providing the hero with a sexy British accent…).

British hero fondles temporarily blinded cat burglar in the shower by page 35.

But, of course, they're secretly attracted to each other even though he's working to stop her from cat burgling (is that a real word?) and she's determined to not let him slow her down, so it's okay.

They work with the remainder of the secret organization to take down the religious fanatic and his organization, as well as a rival group of fanatics (all women! Women can be evil too!).

In true James Bond style, the crazy guy hides the missile in a large complex he builds from a mine in Africa, where each level to get to the missile represents a reproduction of Dante's levels of hell (I'm serious.). The heroes make it through the various challenges and then, at the end, are embroiled in an epic battle with both of the two fanatical organizations (everyone fighting for control of the missile). I don't want to give too much away, but Las Vegas survives, and the secret anti-terror group gains a new member with "special" skills. And the guy gets the girl.

Did I ever mention that the way cat burglars are presented in trashy novels really makes the profession sound appealing? I could totally do that for a living…

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I think the name of the author tells one everything she needs to know about the book : ).

And what ever happened to being an Elvis impersonator? Or an adult entertaining trapeze artist? Geez, and you're satisfied with being a staid, prosaic patent examiner? *grins*

8/11/2006 9:31 PM  

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