Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Title: The Admiral's Bride
Author: Suzanne Brockmann

You know, I sometimes question why my library gets such worthless books as part of the collection, but then it hits me that by taking them out, I'm encouraging them to keep purchasing similar books. It's like a vicious circle...

This book takes us back to the "realistic" Navy SEALs. The book opens in Vietnam, where a young Jake continually rescues various soldiers from impossible situations where even their own commanders had often abandoned them.

Fast-forward to present day. The daughter of one of "Jake's boys", as the field medics and stuff referred to the people he saved, is now an operative of some sort with a PhD in random weapons of mass destruction. She's called in to help on a mission to recover several canisters of "Triple X", an agent thousands of times more deadly than anthrax, from some crazy fundamentalists in Montana.

Who's in charge of the mission? Jake. And even though he's plenty old enough to be her father, he's still attractive and in good shape, and she has more than a bit of a crush on him, plus some hero worship for saving dear old dad. Jake's still scarred by the death of his wife Daisy 3 years ago from cancer, but he finds Zoe very attractive, and has mental issues with that, both because of the age difference and Daisy's memory.

The way it goes down is that Jake ends up "joining" the group. They plant Zoe in town as a waitress at the local bar, where she "happens" to fall for Jake. They get "married" because she won't sleep with him otherwise (but the ceremony's performed by the crazy cult leader, so no legal implications), but really it's so he can bring her into the compound to help search for the Triple X.

The remainder of the team, various "young" (at least in comparison to Jake) SEALs are doing surveilance and intel and stuff, and they all think Jake's too old, etc., until they read a book about all that he pulled off in 'Nam, then they develop some severe hero worship too.

Jake and Zoe have to fake having a "real" marriage because his room in the compound is filled with surveillance cameras, but then they fall for each other for real, but still can't do anything, because both the crazy cult leader AND the SEALs would be watching (because they tapped into the camera feeds...).

It all comes to a climax when Jake needs to prove his loyalty to the group (in order to find out where the Triple X is being hidden) by letting the cult leader sleep with Zoe. She doesn't want to, but pretends that it's just part of the job; he doesn't want her to, but doesn't want her to think that he thinks she can't be an operative, and miscommunication runs rampant. Plus, within days, the crazy is planning to attack NYC with the stuff, and he doesn't realize quite how potent it is.

Will Zoe be forced into a rather compromising situation? Can she and Jake save the day and live happily ever after even if he's twice her age? You'll just have to read the book (or draw the logical conclusions based on the genre - you'll be correct...).

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

My logical reasoning tells me that both Jake and Zoe get eaten by cannibals while honeymooning in Fiji. But not before they have a kid, who then gets abandoned in Fiji and becomes the King of the Cannibals, before being found by the Navy and trained to be the next generation of SEALS -- (because there's an imminent alien attack, and they need someone with the kid's talents, whatever those are, to infiltrate the Mother Ship) -- all the while struggling with his identity (cannibal or hero?) and the memory of his now-legendary parents.

Sounds right to me.

11/19/2006 10:21 PM  
Blogger reyn said...

Elizabeth, your logic is simply astounding. I see a major motion picture deal in the works.

ket, may I just say that I love it when you use the phrase "comes to a climax" when reviewing this genre. Never fails to crack me up.

11/20/2006 9:49 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

elizabeth - "logical reasoning" eh?

reyn - wow, yeah, "comes to a climax" is very amusing in relation to this genre.

ket - stop encouraging your library to buy such crap. actually, i'm sure there are plenty of others who read the crap too. romance novels were very popular when i worked in a public library.

11/21/2006 10:00 AM  

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