Friday, December 22, 2006

Did everyone just stop reading once December hit?

2 super-short "reviews" here, since it's crazy late and I really need to return the books to the library tomorrow morning before hitting the road, since they're already pretty overdue... Spoilers will be all over the place in here, since I'm not feeling creative enough to provide teases.


Title: Cross My Heart
Author: Carly Phillips

Lillian's parents died in a car crash when she was a teenager; her evil uncle became her guardian, and as part of his abuse of her, to set her straight, he sent her into foster care. There, she met Ty and Hunter, who became her best friends. She and Ty always had chemistry, but didn't act on it. The three of them concocted a plan that involved a staged car crash so she could escape to NYC while everyone thought she was dead. It worked.

Ten years later, she's known as Lacey, and her uncle's trying to get her declared legally dead so he can have her (significant) inheritance. Ty's now a PI (convenient!), so he tracks down Lacey, and convinces her to come back to town. They sleep together. Hunter's got a crush on Molly, who's the daughter of some woman who's trying to marry the uncle for his (future) money - she's a serial golddigger, and this would be husband number five or so. Uncle's no longer quite as evil, but the lawyer/trustee/whatever is blackmailing him.

Then someone starts trying to kill Lacey. She and Ty blame the uncle. Uncle's no longer quite as evil. Lawyer's the bad guy. Uncle and woman break up when he has no money. Lacey and Ty live happily ever after. Hunter and Molly don't get together, but that's because they're bound to show up in a sequel to this book. The end.

Title: Born in Death
Author: J.D. Robb (actually, it's our favorite trashy romance novelist, Nora Roberts, using her penname for the futuristic mystery series...)

Eve, a hardworking and talented detective in NYC somewhere around the year 2060, is married to Roarke, an incredibly wealthy and attractive businessman (think Trump plus George Clooney). This is like the 25th book in a series (ok, somewhat less, but you get the idea).

Eve's best friend, Mavis, is a pregnant rock star. One of the friends she met in childbirth classes goes missing days before she's due, so she guilts Eve into heading up the investigation, even though Eve is a homicide detective. Eve's also working on the vicious murders of a pair of (engaged) accountants.

Amazingly enough, the seemingly unconnected events aren't so unconnected. The accountants found discrepancies in their accounts, and were offered bribes, then tortured and killed. Turns out the companies having the discrepancies were part of a larger scheme involving buying and selling babies. Tandy (the missing pregger chick) had looked into giving the kid up for adoption, then backed out. The bad guys were mad, so they kidnapped her, and were about to steal the kid immediately after birth and sell it to the parents to whom they had already promised it. They'd done it a few times before, in various other cities/countries.

Eve figured it out in time, and saved the day. Tandy survived, and she and Mavis gave birth to healthy kids who each were partially named for Eve. Awww. Eve and Roarke are terrified of children, and childbirth even more, so they spend a great deal of time tormenting each other with images of labor, etc., and they'll probably never have children. Until Nora/J.D. wants to end the series with a bang, of course :-) but that's probably 20-30 books down the line...

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Blogger reyn said...

I actually like the rapid-fire sentences synopses. Very entertaining.

...and I bet there's a LOT of bangs in that series.

12/22/2006 8:25 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

In answer to your title question -- kinda. Mostly, no time for reviewing. But don't worry, that will be drastically changing in the near future, and I have a whole pile of things to write up...

Synapses cool.

Someone called Roarke is incredibly talented and not interested in childbirth? Shocking.

12/23/2006 6:48 PM  

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