Friday, March 30, 2007

not as informative as I'd hoped :-)

Title: The Thing About Men
Author: Elizabeth Bevarly

I've read other books by this author and enjoyed them. This one? Not so much.

Claire is a Martha Stewart-like lifestyle guru who actually knows nothing - her best friend Olivia is the real brains behind the operation, but she prefers to stay out of the spotlight at all times.

A devoted fan dies and leaves her 2-year-old daughter in Claire's care. The girl's long-lost uncle (dead fan's brother) hears about it and comes home to fight for custody. Sexual tension ensues between uber-preppy Claire and tatooed biker Ramsey. Claire's also got the overprotective lawyer Chandler who secretly wants to marry her for her money and hates the kid.

The social worker, Davis, falls for Olive despite her attempts to hide at all times. Turns out she grew up in the Witness Protection program because of something her dad saw when she was a kid. They fall in love.

Claire and Ramsey fall for each other. Chandler develops a scheme to sell the kid off to the highest-bidding adoptive parents, send Ramsey to jail for anything he can come up with, and mary Claire for her money.

Claire and Olive's secret is revealed to the public, ruining their lifestyle empire; Chandler's background search on Ramsey reveals he's a murderous drug dealer; Ramsey and Claire have a temporary falling-out.

And suddenly in the space of about 6 pages - in an eiplogue, no less! - it's revealed that the background is fake because Ramsey's been undercover for the DEA for years, a disgruntled producer revealed that Claire's not a lifestyle guru, and somehow Chandler gets found out and sent to jail or something, and Claire and Ramsey and Davis and Olive have all gotten married and lived happily ever after.

What the hell?

Not only was the plot preposterous throughout the book, the haphazard resolution was incredibly frustrating. I had a hard time making it past the first few pages, but really needed some fluffy reading at the time.

However, if any of this seemed intruiging, you can read some (or all) of the book yourself here, which I discovered when checking that I remembered the correct author. Weird.

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I was totally rooting for Olive and Ramsey to get in on. It's the dorky cerebral girls who truly need the noble bad boys. Mark my words.

And of course the lawyer was evil. When I graduated, part of the ceremony included a ritual where they removed my human heart and replaced it with an aluminum model. It hurt dreadfully at the time, but I've thankfully felt nothing since.

Did you honestly take this book seriously enough to be irked by a slap-dash ending?

3/30/2007 10:42 PM  

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