Monday, July 09, 2007

another book I didn't finish

Title: The Blind Watchmaker
Author: Richard Dawkins

Interesting arguments, very detailed and logical, but it feels like I’m reading the transcript of an entire semester of a college course, especially since he talks directly to the reader (“when you think of a mutation…”), and I therefore only made it halfway through before giving in to the library’s demands to return it, since I’ve had it checked out for about 2 months now. Plus, I already believe in evolution, and I don't plan on entering into any debates with people who don't (if they can ignore the overwhelming evidence thus far, me presenting arguments from this book, however sensible they are, won't help).

There are, however, some highly amusing moments when he talks about making computer simulations of evolution, and he's using the latest technology... of 1985! Fantastic. :-)

The book seems to be written for people who either don't believe in evolution, or are wavering - it might work on the waverers...

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