Friday, June 01, 2007

ooh, a punny title

Title: Ricochet
Author: Sandra Brown

There’s a whole lot of intertwined characters here. Duncan, the “hero”, is a cop. Savich is the local crime boss who buys off most people in power and kills anyone who could get him in trouble; he and Duncan are essentially mortal enemies. Cato Laird is a local judge; Elise is his gorgeous wife, who used to be a topless waitress. The book opens with Cato declaring a mistrial and Savich going free, to Duncan’s dismay. Duncan sees Cato and Elise at a gala of some sort that evening, and he rather lewdly propositions her.

A few days later there’s a random shooting at the Laird home – Elise shot and killed an intruder, and Duncan and his partner investigate.

As you may expect, there’s lots of twists. The biggest one is that Elise thinks Cato’s trying to kill her; she married him because she knows he and Savich are working together, and they killed her half-brother because he was going to be an informant, so she wormed her way in to get evidence on them. Obviously, she never loved Cato, which clears the way for the romance between her and Duncan.

There’s a ridiculous bit at the end where everyone thinks she’s dead, drowned and lost in the river, until she reveals herself to Duncan, and then they set up a sting to bring down Cato and Savich, which is successful, and then they live happily ever after.
Somewhat confusing; an interesting group of characters, none of whom I’m ever likely to meet in real life.


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