Thursday, January 17, 2008

Talk about dysfunctional families!

Title: All Night Long
Author: Jayne Ann Krenz

Irene goes to her hometown for first time in 17 years since her dad supposedly shot mom and himself in the kitchen after former friend called her promising info, but was found dead the next day before she could tell. Irene stays at a lodge owned by Luke, an ex-marine; he helps figure out what really happened, and in return she helps convince his family he's not PTSD or ED (was engaged to daughter of family friend, couldn't go all the way with her, now the family stages interventions, etc.) - a subplot is that the former fiance should marry his brother because they're in love and don't realize it. A local cop responsible is responsible for the deaths of Irene's parents and friend, on orders of local big-shot senator that her dad was going to expose as a criminal or something.

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