Monday, March 31, 2008

...and I mean that in the nicest way

Title: You Suck
Subtitle: A Love Story
Author: Christopher Moore
Bookmark: an REI receipt for activewear that went unused while sitting on the couch and reading

Tommy wakes up dead and hungry, but food makes him puke. Coffee makes him puke. An aspirin to help with the puke-ache? More puke.

Tommy has been turned to a vampire by his girlfriend Jody. His buddies and former co-workers at the Safeway have turned from turkey-bowling to hunting him down with a blue hooker named... Blue. The ancient vampire who turned Jody (and Tommy had bronzed by a couple bikers) has escaped and is determined to get the little bastard who bronzed him.

The good news is that Tommy is discovering some really cool things vampires can do, like hearing shapes and having really unbelievably wild vampire sex, and he has a willing minion in Abby Normal (not her real name).

But you can get all that from the back cover of the book.

I seem to be on a run of funny books. This one, like the only other Moore I've read, takes place in the days (ok, days and nights) leading up to Christmas. All of it is sharp and clever, with an occasional interesting insight (chicks dig being vampires because it changes them from being potential victims to being top-of-the-food-chain predator queens), but the best parts by far were the sections written as entries in the journal of young Abby Normal, who despite her aspirations to Gothdom, still holds her Hello Kitty backpack dear and is elated that her mom gave her a care bear for Christmas. These entries invariably start with the sort of melodramatic woe-is-me pain-from-the-inky-black-shadowy-depths-of-despair crap that you'd expect from someone trying WAY too hard to be depressed, and quickly devolve into highly energetic squealings of her new friends and valley-girl teenspeak records of her exploits. I laughed harder in those sections than any other part of the book. Probably because I loved the overt mocking of that entire portion of subculture, and Abby's efforts to act glum and bummed despite professing her love for everyone who does something cool or saves her life (it happens more than you'd think).

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