Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A trilogy? I never would have expected that from you, Nora!

Blood Brothers
By Nora Roberts

The first in her latest trilogy, about a trio of men who've known each other since birth, which is interesting because they share a birthday. On their tenth, they accidentally released a demon from its captivity, and now it comes back to terrorize their town every 7 years for the week following their birthday. Cal is the town's golden boy/mayor/owner of the bowling alley, while Quinn is an author specializing in supernatural stuff. She shows up after hearing rumors about the town. Blah, blah, demon's getting stronger, all three women get introduced and paired off with their guys right away, blah, blah, Cal's dog is lazy but hates the demon, Cal and Quinn are in love, and then the book ends. Sorry, Nora, but you should have just written the whole thing as one big book with a trio of couples, because this definitely didn't have an actual plot other than being introduction and checking off the box for "couple #1 falls in love".

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I love that when I read this in Bloglines, it shows up as "By noreply@blogger.com (ket) on crap". Forget the other labels, crap is all that matters. :)

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