Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Should've stayed lost

Title: Star Trek: The Lost Years
Author: J. M. Dillard
Bookmark: Snickers wrapper

Ever wonder what the original Enterprise crew did in the years between the final episode of the series and the Motion Picture (great title for a movie, huh?)? Me, either. But a friend sent me this book a year ago, and I got bored last month.

According to the author's note at the start, there's two other books that cover this time, too. Different authors, but they were all in the same meeting with the creative genius who apparently had those years all planned out, should anyone ever wonder what happened then.

Spoiler time.

Kirk becomes an admiral, and wants to bang his boss. Since he's Kirk, she wants to bang him, too. Who wouldn't? He's Kirk, and often appears in soft focus with too much eye make-up. What an aphrodisiac!

McCoy, in an effort to protect his buddy Jim from a desk job everyone knows he doesn't want, quits Starfleet. Nobody cares.

Spock continues to be a highly logical stone, with continuing disdain for anyone who isn't Vulcan, and several who are.

Uhura continues to play an uninteresting background role. Maybe she's still taking it easy after having her brain erased.

End Spoilers.

You'd think for such a "big deal" idea, they would have done a little more with it, but it's really just another Star Trek book. No more impressive or in-depth than any other. Then again, I never liked the original series as much as Next Generation, Voyager, or Enterprise.

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I've only read one book based off a tv show/movie that I found halfway decent, and it was an adaptation of the first Spiderman movie. It did expand on the film, having a rather intriguing opening scene in a cemetery.

7/16/2008 9:30 PM  

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