Tuesday, October 14, 2008

tall tale

Ti: Little Giant of Aberdeen County
Pub: 01/08/09
bookmark: dog ear

'Little Giant' is getting a bit of buzz. I decided I wouldn't like it because it's biggest quote to date is from the author of 'Water for Elephants,' and while 'Water' was an interesting story, the book overall wasn't really for me. I feel almost exactly the same way about 'Little Giant.' The author tells a really interesting story with family and town history - but with about 10 more adjectives per page than maybe she really needed. There are aspects of the story that edge into the surreal, or a fairy tale world - reminds me a little bit of the floaty feeling in the movie (and book, technically) 'Big Fish.' So the writer's style is not so much for me, but I did like the story.

Truly, a giantess, is cast out on her own pretty early in life, and later gets sucked a bit against her will into the world of the most well-known family in town, several generations of town doctors all named Robert Morgan. The original Robert Morgan who came to town married the town 'witch,' who hid her healing secrets in a really cool way that Truly eventually discovers and uses to like, further the plot.

I would put this in the same category as 'Water for Elephants' (that jacket quote really will do a lot for this book) or 'Monsters of Templeton' - one book that made me say 'eh' and one that I LOVED - so, I'm picky about my ethereal flashback life history novels. 'Little Giant' falls somewhere between these two books, for me.

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