Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crazies, all of them

Sizzle and Burn
by Jayne Ann Krentz

Raine has blamed the Arcane Society for her father's death for years. She also hears voices and uses them to solve murders. Her crazy aunt dies and she finds a prisoner in the basement of her house (she'd been in an asylum, so it wasn't crazy aunt's doing).

At the same time someone tries to kill her AND the Arcane Society has interest in her father's research, so Zack's sent out to get the info and protect her. They end up in a rather epic battle with members of the rival psychic group who are using some formula to amp up their powers, though the formula makes them insane and then they kill themselves. Apparently Raine's father was aware of an early version of this formula and had been working on an antidote? Whole thing was very weird.

And then we learn that Zach was fooled by one of the bad people and almost married her, so now he doesn't trust his judgement and even though he's a direct descendant in the line that's always head of the good-psychic council he wants to avoid everything. Until Raine teaches him to trust himself and they bring down the bad guys and then he takes charge and all is good with the world until the next book, because one of the baddies faked her death so we'll totally see her again...

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