Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dangerously Dull Dexter

Title: Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Author: Jeff Lindsay
Bookmark: hold slip from the library

It's nice to think that as writers write more, they get better. They must, because the second Dexter book was a lot better than this one. If I'd read this first, I probably wouldn't have bothered with that one. As it is, I think I'm done with the series anyway.

It's a nice enough gimmick: the serial killer crime solver, the serial killer as a good guy. Lindsay likes playing with the idea of how a serial killer thinks, but he only has one idea for that; every single one of his crazies has the same voice in their head, the same driving impulses, the same triggers setting off their violent urges. They all recognize each other on the street by the look in their eyes, and they all seem to know about the creepy Dark Passenger concept of psychotic killer mindset. Frankly, it gets dull and boring.

The inconsistencies in this book are worse, too. One moment Dex is bragging about needing very little sleep, the next he's bitching about getting only 9 hours of it a night. He flops back and forth between a ruthless calculating mind and screaming-meemies schoolgirl. Finally, it pisses me off that in two books about a forensic scientist axe murderer, he hasn't performed a single scientific act. He gets his insights on the killer in this book, I shit you not, through weird dreams.

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