Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scratch that itch

Title: Infected
Author: Scott Sigler

It should be noted that this was read as an "uncorrected proof" circulated to get advance reviews. Not to me, we're not that highly-regarded yet. You hear that, major publishers?? We're willing and able to review your stuff!! Just send us some free books and maybe some swag! However, there are some things that should be cleared up even before making it to the "uncorrected proof" stage.

I saw this book in a store a couple months ago, and I was very intrigued. Yes, the cover art is super-creepy, but the premise also sounded good. Reading it was a lesson in how to mistreat a promising premise. Sigler isn't quite as good as he thinks he is, but he's trying really hard.

There are two parallel story lines, and that much works really well: on the one side, you have the medical researchers and a couple government operatives working their asses off to identify and understand a mysterious new contagion that makes people go crazy, kill the people around them, and then themselves. Then they decompose at such a freakishly accelerated rate that they have yet to find a useful body of one of the victims; just puddles of goo with bones piled up in the middle. On the other side, you have "Scary" Perry Dawsey, a former college football star now working in IT who becomes infected, providing you with a first-hand view of what the victims go through. Like I said, the premise is pretty sweet.

The downside is, Sigler's execution is a little... off. I can't quite put my finger on how, but that's probably because I finished over a month ago.

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