Thursday, January 05, 2012

Marathon Moron

Title: Marathon Training for Dummies
Author: Tere Stouffer Drenth
Bookmark: a four-year-old note to myself.

Shortly after I announced to family that I was going to run my first half-marathon, I got this book for Christmas.  It has since spent a few years largely unregarded.  This past fall, I started training for my third half-marathon (I did not get my fastest half-marathon time, but I am most proud of this particular race, if only for the respectable time on a grueling course) and picked up the book in earnest.

Originally, I had joked that I'd only read half of it because I'm only a half-marathoner (by the same logic, I tell people that I only run half-marathons because I'm only half in shape), but of course that wasn't the case.  The book is focused on marathon training, but it covers lots of good habits for running, even if I disagree with some of the information in the nutrition chapter.  The section on running injuries also gave me an exciting and painful way to avoid shin splints, which are usually the reason I stop running for months at a time.  So far, so good.

The book was published in 2003, so some of the information may already be out of date, but it was still a good resource for me, and allowed me to have slightly more solid footing when arguing with my own running expert.  More importantly, it made me feel a little better, if not wholly confident, in my own running ability (especially when the book would mention a marathon goal time I found absurdly long, allowing me to think "even I could do that!!").  My first marathon is still somewhere in my indeterminate future, but it's nice to have this resource at hand, even if I didn't really finish reading it until last night, three months after my race. (don't judge me--once I crossed the finish line, the book became a little inconsequential to my race)

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