Thursday, May 12, 2011


Title: Casino Royale
Author: Ian Fleming

The James Bond of the movies, as anyone who has read any of the books knows, has surprisingly little in common with the Bond of the books. Movie Bond is a suave, smooth ladies' man, ever cool and unflappable. Book Bond is... kind of a douchebag. Harder-edged, with no regard for anyone else. At least, he is in this first book. I've read a couple of the later Bond books, and he softens a little from what I remember, but in this... still an ass.

However, I have to give the Daniel Craig version (there have been at least three other Casino Royale movies, one of them entirely unauthorized, another a farce/parody) credit: it follows the source material almost exactly, right up to the line "The bitch is dead," but BookBond really means it. MovieBond seems to try to hide throwing up a wall and using his hard edges as a defense against any pain he might otherwise feel at Vesper's betrayal. That, and there's no sinking Venetian building scene.

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