Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Johnny Hardboiled

Title: Black Jack Justice
Author: Gregg Taylor
Bookmark: unrelated receipt

Several years ago, a friend gave me a CD loaded with some podcasts.  Most didn't do much for me, but there was an entire folder of fun from Decoder Ring Theatre.  My favorites by far were the brilliant adventures of Black Jack Justice, who was always ably assisted by his partner: Trixie Dixon, Girl Detective (she had cards printed!).  You should go listen to them.  Now.  And make a generous donation; they're Canadians, so they could probably use the money, and they've certainly earned it.

Taylor's novel gives us a brand-new adventure set in Jack and Trixie's past.  It is, in fact, their very first meeting, and the story of the first case they ever cracked together.  It crackles with the same wit, energy, and trademark banter of the podcast episodes, and delves a little deeper into the darkness of classic pulp fiction (and I should know).  I loved it.  Front to back, it was solid, non-stop, fun.  Jack and Trixie even take turns narrating, just as in the episodes.  If there was another book, I'd buy it, too.

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