Friday, August 25, 2006

Over Her Dead Body

Title: Over Her Dead Body
Author: Kate White

Written by the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, you expect a lot from this book.

It tells the story of a magazine journalist, Bailey. Apparently there was a book that came before this one where the journalist solved the mystery of who killed her boss’ nanny. See, she writes about true crime, which obviously makes her the perfect person to be an amateur detective.

But Bailey is fired by that boss at the opening of this book (well, duh, we need fresh people to kill…). Her friend, Robby, gets her a job at his magazine, which is the fictional equivalent of Us or Star or some other magazine that lives to gossip about celebrities. Bailey is now writing about celebrity crime, working for the boss/editor from hell. Mona is a bit of a demon, blowing up at people, throwing things, sending assistants on three-hour journeys to get the perfect smoothie, etc. Nobody likes her. She fires Robby; later that night, when Bailey’s running into the office to pick up some papers, she comes across Mona lying dead on the floor of her office, next to an unconscious cleaning woman.

Robby is, naturally, the prime suspect, so Bailey sets out to clear his name. Plus, she’s assigned to cover her boss’ death for her magazine. Along the way, she seems to be on the right track, since “accidents” start to happen and she almost dies/is attacked a few times.

Being a ket-friendly book, she meets a man. After getting her name, he tracks down her address, shows up at her apartment the next night, she feeds him dinner, and she then sleeps with him.

But back to the dead boss. Bailey makes friends with some new co-workers, and gets into and out of several scrapes along the way.

The book is fun, and I definitely didn’t suspect this killer (always a bonus).

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