Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Title: Hot Number
Author: Carly Phillips

The third of a trilogy, this book deals with marrying off the third sister from a family of sports agents. Orphaned as children, each reacted to the loss (and subsequent raising by their gruff, bachelor uncle) differently.

Annabelle, the eldest, is a busybody/control freak/boss, who married a guy that I think was a football player (I read this one at least a year ago…).

Micki, the youngest, is a tomboy, who found her match with a tough guy baseball player.

And now Sophie – the middle child. The one who’s even more of a control freak, who can’t handle things unless she’s done all the research, knows all the options, and even then doesn’t want to deal with it.

Uncle Yank’s partner (in the agency), Spencer, goes missing after some personal details are released to the media.

Coincidentally, a hot, playboy quarterback (Riley) needs to talk to Spencer. Obviously, he and Sophie start tracking him down, traveling to Spencer’s sister’s house, etc.

As you may expect, they don’t get along. He thinks she needs to loosen up, she thinks he’s too sexy for his own good and turns ice princess to avoid being flustered around him.

But then, as they spend more time together, they come to realize that they do like each other (awww…).

Of course, together, they can handle anything, including resolving the issues surrounding Spencer.

Sigh. I love a happy ending. (gag)


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