Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Soldier. Hero. Lover. He's so dangerous, he's off the radar."

Title: Crazy Kisses
Author: Tara Janzen

Kid has spent the past year running around the Columbian jungle killing drug kingpins to avenge his brother's torture and death. They all want to catch "el asesino fantasama" and track him down after he ends up shot a few times and in the hospital. Also, Kid works for the same people as Christian (see this book).

At this point, he's back to hooking up with Nikki, an artist he's been in love, or at least lust, since before he went arround picking off the bad guys. The kingpins track them down to Colorado. Nikki's favorite model, Travis, is in love with a former street urchin, essentially (Jane).

When everything goes down, the bad guys kidnap Nikki to trap Kid. Jane's former minions help her, Travis, Kid, and the rest of the good guys save the day. Nikki and Kid get married and go back to having sex on the beach all day long. Jane turns down Travis because he's too good for her, and he's sad. Probably gets resolved in the next book.

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