Sunday, March 04, 2007

...set in one of my favorite decades for female clothing...

Title: Death at Wentwater Court
Author: Carola Dunn

I totally read this like a month ago.

Daisy's this flapper in England shortly after WWI; her fiance died while serving as a medic. She's trying to make a living as a reporter/writer for a magazine, so she talks her way into visiting the large country home of some of her acquaintances to write an article about it. The other people there include the children of the home's owner (about her age - mid-twenties) and some friends/significant others; the owner's second wife; and some random guy who kindof pressured one of the sons into inviting him and who seems to have an agenda with the second wife.

The random guy dies suspiciously. Everyone's a suspect. The police come, and Daisy hits it off with the lead detective. They solve the crime, which involved a son being in love with the step-mother and attempting to cover up an accidental death, and a bit of lying on everyone's part to save the day. It was better when I actually remembered details.

And of course there's the whole thing with Daisy and Alec. But apparently the author would prefer to hold off on that until a sequel...

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