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Is this the real premise behind Survivor?

Title: Surviving Demon Island
Author: Jaci Burton

Holy god, this might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. And that says a LOT.

Gina’s a movie star who does lots of action movies; she’s in fabulous shape and does all her own stunts. She’s recruited to do a reality show where she and her other contestants battle “demons,” so she goes off to an island with the other contestants and they start the pre-show training.

Immediately she’s drawn to Derek, their head trainer type guy. He’s grumpy, and think’s she’s probably spoiled.

On their first night fighting the “demons,” things take a turn for the worse when the REAL demons arrive. That’s right. It’s not really a reality show. The organizers are part of some centuries-old group that fights demons. They were supposed to be able to practice a bit longer before the real battle, but the demons decided to step things up a bit.

The demon fighters were chosen because all of them lost their mother at a young age. As it turns out, all of their mothers were captured by demons to breed more demons.

They use high-powered lasers and stuff to microwave the demons, or chop them in half. Derek and Gina learn to trust each other, though that’s long after they’ve started banging each other in supply sheds…

And then the real twist shows up! (spoilers ahead, if you really thought you’d read this)

Derek’s strength and other abilities have been increasing exponentially recently. When Gina’s captured by the Demons, he tunnels underground and enters their network of caves to rescue her. That’s where he meets the head demon, who also happens to be his father! Derek’s half demon! And he’s been killing his siblings and cousins for years!

So Derek has to fight his demon instincts, which he can do because of the power of Gina’s love, and he kills his father. And he and Gina escape the demons’ temporary hq and survive to go on hunting more demons.

And there’s going to be a sequel!! Derek’s dad disappeared when he was a kid, and that’s why he didn’t know he was a demon. At the same time, his little brother also disappeared. Now the demon hunters are going to find his brother, and see if he’s demon-like, or a good guy, or something. Hooray!

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Whoa. That's definitely...interesting.

Favorite line: "Derek and Gina learn to trust each other, though that’s long after they’ve started banging each other in supply sheds…" I can tell this is a real weeper.

Can't wait for the sequel!

4/07/2007 8:13 PM  
Blogger reyn said...

I love when a tag I created mainly as a joke gets used again by someone else in a more appropriate manner.

4/09/2007 10:29 AM  

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