Friday, June 01, 2007

Last Red I'll Read

Title: How Nancy Drew Saved My Life
Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted

That’s it. I officially give up on things published by Red Dress Ink. They always end with the main couple having the possibility of having a relationship, and the heroine “discovering herself”. Screw that. If I’m reading fluffy books, there’d better be some “happily ever after” involved.

Charlotte’s an unambitious ditz who worked as the nanny to an ambassador’s kids and had an affair with the ambassador for a few years. It would have continued had she not thought she was pregnant, and he wanted her to have an abortion and keep the status quo. Turns out it was a false alarm, but she got all upset and left.

Then she goes and finds another nannying-for-an-ambassador job, this time for the ambassador to Greenland, where she promptly moves with the kid. At least this time the ambassador’s not married, because she promptly starts an affair with him. There’s some drama involving his supposed romance with a famous actress, but it turns out that’s all a ruse, because she works for the Russian mafia, and she’s trying to kidnap the kid, who is secretly the princess of some former Russian nation and not the ambassador’s kid – he’s former CIA. And then she thinks she’s pregnant with another illegitimate ambassador offspring, and it turns out she is, and the book ends with her addressing the reader and talking about how she’ll raise the kid herself, and maybe re-start a relationship with the ambassador/CIA agent. Riiiiiiight.
And the whole Nancy Drew thing? She read the entire series before heading to Greenland, in the hopes of being more “intrepid and courageous”, but it seems like they just resulted in her doing stupid things like trying to get into locked rooms in the middle of the night and falling out of church belltowers. And the author seems to think that all Greenlandians regard Nancy Drew as their hero (which may be true – I don’t have the slightest idea – but it seems a bit too absurd to be more than some silly plot point).

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Blogger reyn said...

This is why The Nanny Diaries were NOT chick lit--when I read a book about a nanny, the only guy she was banging was otherwise unattached and had no connection to the kid. This chick will hump anything that's already managed to procreate, knowing that he must be able to perform the deed.

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