Friday, May 18, 2007

when computers take over the world, I guess they should all be like this one?

Title: Access Denied
Author: Donna Andrews

I’m pretty sure I’ve read another book with these same characters, perhaps preceding it in the timeline.

Turing is a computer. Artificial intelligence gone haywire, and she’s capable of completely independent thought. She has her assistant, Maude, and a PI they trust implicitly, Tim, in on the secret, and everyone else thinks she’s just an oddly reclusive CEO.

There’s back story involving a stolen clone of Turing who was “kidnapped” by a bad guy, who they’re trying to track down; they bring in a lawyer and a spare PI, Tim gets accused of murder and then cleared, etc., etc.

Rather bizarre. Actually, come to think of it, I also once read a series of trashy romances involving a similar AI character, that time inhabiting the car of the hero (who was highly intelligent and rich, shockingly). Anyway…

There’s a minor love interest between Maude and an FBI agent who doesn’t know about Turing and finds their activities highly suspicious, since they all keep happening upon murders.

In the end, the clone is still out there, needing to be rescued, which means there’s another book on the way.

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