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Title: Charlie All Night
Author: Jennifer Cruise

Allie's a super-star radio producer (in small-town Ohio); the book opens with her former boyfriend and the station's biggest star (Mark) firing her so his current, younger, cuter, ditzier girlfriend can be his producer. Allie gets stuck producing the station's newest hire, Charlie, in the crappiest time-slot known to man.

Charlie's not really a deejay - he's a bit of a slacker, really, without any career direction. His father's friends with the owner of the station, who received a "threatening" letter, so Charlie somehow got sent there to "investigate".

Allie and Charlie meet when she pretends to pick him up at the bar across the street from the station to make Mark jealous, or maybe she was upset (I read this a while ago) - either way, she didn't know he was the guy she'd be working with, and was subsequently highly embarassed when she found out.

Allie lives with her gay best friend Joe, who's an accountant at the station. Somehow Joe ends up staying with them. Allie promptly decides to have an affair with Charlie, knowing he's not planning on staying in town long.

He quickly develops a following on his show, all the while secretly investigating the "threat" - as it turns out, Grady, the station owner's son and another deejay, has been secretly growing pot (he's a giant hippie with a show talking about crystals) because his mother was recently battling breast cancer, and it helped her deal with chemo, and now she's dealing his pot to all her friends who need help dealing with chemo symptoms.

Somehow it all gets resolved, Grady gets off rather easy by confessing, and Charlie and Allie realize they're a perfect team, on and off the air, and though they could take over Mark's drive time slot because he's a giant jerk and sucks, they decide to stay with their late-night one because they have more freedom there. Ta-da!


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A super-star radio producer in small-town Ohio? Does that technically count as an oxymoron?

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