Saturday, August 25, 2007

I saw Bernadette Peters in 'Gypsy' on Broadway a few years ago

Title: Everything’s Coming Up Rosie
Author: Kasey Michaels

Doug, a late-thirties bachelor architect gets stuck going to a cousin’s week-long wedding celebration in the Hamptons or a similarly obnoxious location. He meets Rosie, an acquaintance of the bride and her mother, shortly after his arrival, and they come up with the plan to couple off to save themselves from being set up. She’s “significantly” older and more “real” than the women he usually dates (aka not blonde, waif-like, and barely legal), so of course they fall for each other. The bride is unhappy about the impending marriage, the bride’s parents also aren’t thrilled, but being rich, they don’t really talk to each other so they haven’t worked that part out. Really, nobody likes him, so Doug and Rosie work with bride’s childhood friend (aka her true love) to get rid of him. I vaguely remember all three couples (Doug/Rose, bride/friend, and parents) ending up all happy and stuff, and that Rosie, for some reason, would practice dives in bed as a method of relaxation (like tucking and then laying out after visualizing doing a few rotations – super-weird). Also, I apparently have issues typing “Doug” because it always ends up as “Dough.”

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