Saturday, August 25, 2007

yeah, I still don't really go for historical novels

Title: Lie by Moonlight
Author: Amanda Quick

Concordia is working as a governess in a private residence, teaching four teenaged female orphans; the book opens with them concocting a crazy escape plan that involves setting off smoke bombs and explosions and carrying silverware in their dresses because they all have bad feelings about the men running the place. They run into Ambrose in the stables, he helps them escape and they hide at his house in London. Turns out he’s a private investigator, and the girls were part of a scheme to sell wealthy heiresses as wives to men needing a boost in society. And Concordia has the deep dark secret of being raised as a love child in a weird commune (in the 1800’s!) which she has to hide from all potential employers. Thanks to the liberal parentage, Concordia is, of course, okay with sleeping with Ambrose, and repeatedly assures him that she doesn’t expect marriage. Somehow the woman in charge of the orphanage from which the girls were taken is also involved, and she tries to kill Concordia a few times; Concordia and Ambrose solve the mystery and then get married, and she takes over the orphanage (again the liberalness! Imagine – a married woman working outside the home!).

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