Saturday, August 25, 2007

it's been a while

Some of these posts will be full sentences. Others I think will just be left as the notes I made for myself that were supposed to be used to write actual reviews, as long as they're relatively coherent...

Title: Match Me If You Can
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Hunky sports agent (Heath) needs wife pronto because he’s having a mid-life crisis or something
Annabelle inherits Matches by Myrna from elderly aunt
Rival matchmaker Portia fires employees for being fat/unattractive
Heath’s bodyguard/partner seduces/rapes rival anorexic matchmaker Portia
A secretly falls for H, hates when he starts to fall for her friend
Makes H jealous with footballer who’s really just friend and looking to escape media attention
Hosts stupid testosterone-filled parties at her house
A friends with Phoebe, owner of Stars (football team), who hates Heath, so he tries to use A to get in good with her and family
Phoebe’s toddler daughter is klepto, but only with Heath’s phonesConfusion settles, A and H get married and make babies, Phoebe decides to tolerate him


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