Friday, November 23, 2007

Really, Nora?

Title: High Noon
By: Nora Roberts

This is apparently her latest hardcover release. Nora seems to be hurting for major plot development points, since she threw one in here that I was not a fan of.

Phoebe, a hostage negotiator for the Savanna police department, meets Duncan when she's talking one of his former employees out of jumping off a roof. Romance ensues. She's got a kid and an agoraphobic mother. He's a lottery-winner, though she wasn't aware of it because it happened during the kid's birth.

And someone's messing with her. She dresses down a uniformed officer for subordination, and (this is the part I wasn't a fan of) he attacks her in the stairwell at work and fingers her.

When it seems like someone's out to get her on several instances after that, he's naturally the first suspect, but it turns out that some lunatic wants revenge because of a hostage she didn't manage to save.

The big climax takes place in a jewelry store where Duncan was heading to buy an engagement ring; his surrogate sister and mother are already there, for consultation. Plus the asshole former cop (he was fired) works there as a security guard. And Phoebe has to prevent the crazy (who has a Gary Cooper complex of some sort, hence the title High Noon) from learning her connection to some of the hostages and killing everyone. She obviously succeeds, since failing would put a bit of a damper on her relationship with Duncan, and the crazy is taken out by a sniper, and then she and Duncan get married.

Not the most satisfying book. I was with her until the rape, then wondered why Nora had to take what should be a feel-good trashy romance and make it a bit too graphic and real-life. Eh.

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