Friday, November 23, 2007

what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom - unless you decide to write a book about it

Title: The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom
By: Jo Barrett

Obviously, it's full of velvet couches and chocolate. With a few private rooms for necessary functions.

So I went to an open call audition a few weeks ago, and ended up having to wait hours (literally) for my time slot. Thankfully the theater was next door to a library, so I went in and read this book while I waited. The entire book. While waiting for a 30 second audition. Yes, that evening was certainly an efficient use of my time.

Anyway, I remember a little bit, but not much, since I was reading for prevention of boredom, not retention.

Claire moves back to Texas following a divorce; a former lawyer, she's convinced she wants to be a writer, though she kindof needs a topic. Inspiration for the book comes, literally, in a bathroom, where she decided to start discussing advice dispensed by random people who also happen to be in public bathrooms (ladies, you've had this, right? I'm pretty sure I've been both an advice giver and receiver at times...) She starts dating Jake, an organic food entrepreneur, things seem great, then she goes to visit the family, has too much to drink, and manages to insult his stepmother, so she gets dumped. The book comes to fruition, eventually, but she has no money since she's been not working since returning home. She ends up working as a tour guide on one of those Duck tours, and then one day Jake and the parents show up, and they have a tearful reconciliation on the Duck, and then the book sells, and everyone's happy.

Cuter than I make it sound.

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