Friday, November 23, 2007


Accidentally Engaged
By Mary Carter

Clare's a psychic, gives reading to crazy chick saying not to get married, she leaves major rock of engagement ring with Clare; C goes to family estate to return to Jack, has to pretend to be his fiance for huge business-oriented engagement party to save family, thinks she might be falling for her "fiance" but also for questionalby sketchy family friend Mike who she made out with in a gardener's truck on the way up the drive after she had a car accident on the way to the estate; grandma seems delusional, but actually was friend of C's grandma, another psychic, who had said C would marry her grandson, so she's convinced C's meant for Jack; turns out Mike is illegitimate son of anal-retentive mom Madeline and family butler Anderson and suddenly she's in love with Mike for real when she learns he's Madeline's son and not her boy toy and grandma's prophecy is fulfilled, which is good when real fiance Rachel shows up mid-party. Weird, and didn't see any connection developing with Mike. And initial car accident a result of LSD-laced stamps she got from a motel clerk, which also explains random make-out with stranger in a gardener's truck.

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Blogger reyn said...

honestly, in these books, do you really NEED an explanation for randomly making out with strangers in gardener's trucks?

11/26/2007 12:31 PM  

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