Sunday, June 01, 2008

Maybe Kings Shouldn't Sleep Around

Title: The Serpent's Tale
Author: Ariana Franklin
Bookmark: neon pink scrap of paper with my name on it (i.e. the hold slip from the library)

Vesuvia Adelia Rachel Ortese Aguilar is back again, this time extremely unhappy to be called away from her comfy home in the countryside where she is living with her infant daughter, Allie. Rosamund Clifford, mistress of King Henry, has been murdered, and Adelia must find out who is guilty. All signs point to Queen Eleanor, but Rowley Picot, newly appointed as the Bishop of Saint Albans, is convinced it must be someone else.

Rowley and Adelia journey to Rosamund's home, a tower surrounded by a treacherous maze. Finally defeating the maze due to Adelia's superior keep-one-hand-on-the-wall-at-all-times-and-follow-it-to-the-end method, they find a frozen Rosamund seated in a chair holding a quill as though she is about to write a later. The letter, found nearby, states: "To the Lady Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine and supposed Queen of England, greetings from the true and very Queen of this country, Rosamund the Fair". Things do not look good for Eleanor, who now has motive - to suppress Rosamund as a threat to her throne.

Then Queen Eleanor arrives, eager to see for herself that Rosamund is dead. Soon, Eleanor, her party, Adelia, Rowley, and others journey to a nearby nunnery where they find themselves stuck for the duration of the winter due to an incredible snowstorm and continued cold weather. More murders occur. Adelia struggles to solve the crimes while trying to keep herself and her daughter safe.

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