Monday, July 28, 2008

Freaking Awesome

At Risk
by Stella Rimington

First (I think?) in a series following a (female! yes!) British spy handler who works for MI5. She gets into all sorts of trouble dealing with an imminent terrorist attack and the politics between her agency and MI6 and a bit of interpersonal stuff. Kindof a more serious Bond (and you know I love Bond). And the books are written by the woman who's actually the first female head of MI5, so they've got to have at least a decent amount of factual basis (much like how you figure Kathy Reichs and the Bones books are relatively forensically authentic). Of course, I devoured it in a few hours a few weeks ago, so I don't remember much except that I totally identified with Liz and pretty much immediately reserved the next one at the library.

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