Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dial M for "meh"

Dial M for Mischief
by Kasey Michaels

Jolie's father, a PI, is dead - an apparent suicide. She comes home from Hollywood to be with her sisters at the funeral, and they decide to investigate the cases he'd been looking at to see why someone killed him, because obviously he didn't do it himself.

Also back in the hometown is her former fiance Sam, whom she left to go break into the movies, because if she'd staying with him she'd never have been happy. He's rich, and still in love with her, so he forces his way into the investigation so he can keep an eye on her.

They stir up some trouble, rule out one of the former cases (though finally solving the case of the disappearance of a runaway bride), and fall in love again (awww.). However, we still don't know who offed Daddy because there's two more books - one for each sister - that we'll still need to get through.

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