Saturday, December 06, 2008


Illegal Action
by Stella Rimington

I was so excited to see this just sitting on the shelf when I went to the library in desperate search of books so that I could survive the long Thanksgiving weekend with my family. And it didn't disappoint.

We rejoin Liz shortly after the events of the previous story have taken place. There are definitely some personnel shifts and repercussions, though Liz is not supposed to think of her transfer from counter-terrorism to counter-intelligence as a demotion or punishment. However, the lifestyle there is vastly different - much more relaxed, with normal hours, since the imminent threat of the Soviets having a spy in Britain isn't that big a deal now. Or so they think...

A few government members get complementary tips regarding a Russian oil oligarch being targeted, so they eventually get over to MI-6 and Liz gets stuck playing an art enthusiast to an oligarch who's in the market for a priceless painting. Plus there's secret motivations and some in-fighting between agencies messing with the whole investigation.

Essentially, those sneaky Russians still know what they're doing. And you never betray Mother Russia. There's a few casualties, but everyone learns a valuable lesson.

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