Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sandman

I'm very bad at sitting down to review books properly, but I am going to try to at least NAME the ones I do read. It can't be that difficult, right? With a sentence or two saying whether I liked it or not? Anyway...

I read volumes 1-3 of The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman, on loan from a friend at work. (I get volumes 4-6 when I return the ones currently in my possession.) The story begins with the "Sandman" -- aka Oneiros, Morpheus, or the Dream Lord -- trapped by a grasping, evil magician. Spoilers: He escapes, and then spends the rest of vol. 1 trying to regain his Kingdom of Dream. The other volumes deal with other stories: the first performance of A Midsummer's Night Dream, a muse trapped by a writer, a woman who becomes a dream vortex. Some of them I liked more than others, but all of them were worth my time. I definitely plan to continue with the series. I've always loved mythology, and Gaiman uses a lot of it in his stories.

I read V for Vendetta this summer and didn't really like it ... the "graphics novel" format was very confusing to me and I genuingely did not know what was going on at times. The Sandman was much easier to understand, although there where still places I had to read a page or two twice to get the full meaning.

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