Tuesday, January 22, 2013

no man is an island, except Jesse Stone

Title: Trouble in Paradise
Author: Robert B. Parker
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I celebrated figuring out how to check out library books on my nook by continuing the Jesse Stone series, though I sometimes wonder why.  I guess I hope he'll mature as it progresses.

Plot first, then gripes.

Bad guys plan an epic heist: isolate the Rich People Island off the coast of, but under the jurisdiction of, Paradise, Massachusetts, where Jesse Stone happens to be Chief of Police.  Later, said bad guys execute planned heist (and a few locals who get in the way).  Jesse handles the situation as he always does: saying as little as possible, and generally being more clever than people give him credit for being.  Oh--and having sex with far more women than might seem reasonable for a guy who should be more busy with his job.  One of his officers notes this, and buys him an extra-large bottle of multi-vitamins to show his concern.

Now the gripes.

Jesse's kind of an alcoholic.  Fine, I get that, whatever.  He's divorced, and carries a lot of related baggage.  Sure, ok.  He also carries an inextinguishable torch for his ex, who moves to Boston and becomes a weather girl to (in my opinion) continue to cruelly string him along.  She makes me a little crazy.  Jesse's mooning over her makes me a little crazy.  Seriously, dude--get with Abby.  She's better for you.  Move the frick on.

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