Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Devil went down to NYC?

Title: Devil May Care
Author: Sheri McInnis

Sally, an aspiring actress in NYC, is getting nowhere fast. Her loser boyfriend, David, at least has a regular gig as a waiter on a soap opera.

While at an audition, Sally meets Jack, not realizing he’s actually the owner/president of a TV network. Suddenly she’s getting work! First as an extra, then her nemesis has a spasm and bites off her own tongue, and Sally’s hired as her replacement on the same soap where David’s an extra – but Sally’s suddenly the most popular character.

And this is where things start going downhill. She’s dating both Jack and David. She’s stressing out. Everything she wishes for is coming true, and so she thinks she may have accidentally made a deal with the devil, where the devil is Jack.

Strange things start to happen to people around her. Sally obviously goes to consult with the Mother Superior of the order of nuns who happen to be just around the corner from her apartment, and she senses that something is off.

David’s in a car accident or something after Sally tells Jack she doesn’t have the heart to dump him. She finally dumps Jack, her character on the show disappears, and then she’s pregnant. The book ends with her and her (now reconciled) family baptizing the son of the devil.

Very odd.


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