Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sex in the City this is NOT

Title: Single in Suburbia
Author: Wendy Wax

I don't know why I had high hopes for this one, other than the relatively attractive cover.

Amanda, a housewife with two teenaged kids (a boy and a girl) is suddenly a single parent when her husband runs off with his artifically enhanced trophy girlfriend. When she files for divorce, she learns that they're broke because he's been gambling or something.

To make ends meet, Amanda begins cleaning houses, since her superficial friends keep complaining about how their foreign housekeepers just don't get the job done right. These women are fellow parents of kids on her son's baseball team. Once she's dumped, they shun her, and her only friends are the other misfit moms - Candace, the coach's girlfriend, and Brooke, a trophy wife, but she's a nice and well-meaning trophy wife.

Oh, back to the housecleaning. She's embarassed, but, conveniently, Amanda did lots of community theater, and she's an expert makeup artist. Therefore, she manages to transform her appearance so that nobody recognizes her!

Then the local hot, single dad hires her alter ego to clean, but it seems like he's suspicious. Hmmm... maybe her future soulmate can see through the pancake makeup and wig to the woman underneath? (gag)

Anyway, there's also some drama with Candace (overbearing mother) and Brooke (she's hiding her trailer-trash past from her husband).

It all gets resolved in the end (really? I never would have guessed!). Amanda and Hunter get together in the end. The kids accept their future new dad. All is good with the world. Hooray!


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