Wednesday, October 11, 2006

this blog was supposed to shame me into reading better books

Obviously, it didn't work.

Title: Code Name: Blondie
Author: Christina Skye

Again, this is part of a series involving Navy SEALS. But this is a different series. This one is even more unrealistic. The SEALS are practically androids - implanted with special chips and stuff that give them crazy powers. And they can communicate telepathically, thanks to lots of training. Plus, they work with incredibly intelligent dogs that can parachute out of planes and control the weather.

So, one of these SEALS went rogue a few books ago, and they're still trying to recapture or kill him. He's been linked to a tropical island, so Max is sent, with Truman the dog, to a neighboring island to conduct some surveillance and retrieve some giant bomb-type-weapon.

And then we meet Miki. She's a photographer whose plane goes down during a storm, conveniently close to Max's island. Being the good guy, he saves her and the severely injured pilot, and takes them to his secret underground lair (no, seriously, they're staying in a network of caves, because the bad guy can sense their energy if they're above ground). But Max is suspicious of this tall, attractive blonde, because it's a little too convenient that her plane went down there then.

Hijinks ensue.

She earns his trust, after running away a few times. She even uses some of the surgical tools that she had to use to stich a gaping wound in his back after a bad guy slashed him with a knife to carve knitting needles so she can knit gloves for him.

Speaking of gloves, Max has to wear gloves all the time, because his sense of touch is, well, enhanced? One of his chips somehow allows him to recognize chemical structures and other things (like body temp, to the degree) just by touch. Oh, but When he takes them off as a sign of trust, Miki sleeps with him.

And speaking of cosmic coincidences, Miki's best friend, Kit, trains dogs. In fact, she trains dogs that are part of this super-secret program. And she was also the heroine of the book before this one in the series. Kit's fiance, Wolfe, is on Max's team, as is her brother, Trace (maybe? something that starts with a T...). Therefore, when it's time for things to go down on the bad guy's island, the team realizes they can use her to help go after Max, who's been temporarily captured, because she did something (I don't remember what) in the last book. Whatever.

Max lives. The bad guy dies (probably - his helicopter was blown up, and it looked like he was in it, but he might have just been projecting his image into it to confuse them...). Miki gets injured during the epic battle scene, but lives. And she and Max live happily ever after.

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posted by ket at 11:07 PM


Blogger Elizabeth said...

*chortles happily*

Excellent read, excellent!

Favorite phrase: "Hijinks ensue." Beautiful understatement.

And it may just be me, but I see many wonderful uses for "super-sensitive" hands.

10/12/2006 6:21 PM  
Blogger reyn said...

The dog trainer's fiance is named Wolfe? And the dog's control the weather? So it rains pork chops on a daily basis?

I never thought the books you read would be more far-fetched than the books I read.

And Elizabeth, I'm not sure what "wonderful" uses you see for super-sensitive hands, but I bet you could write another trilogy on them.

10/13/2006 6:41 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

Wow, I'm glad KET reads these books so I don't feel like I need to. Not that I would anyway. This sounds more far-fetched than that oh-so-wonderful trilogy I read not too long ago.

Super-sensitive hands huh?

10/17/2006 2:20 PM  

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